"The Artist Must Train Not Only His Eye But His Soul" Wassily Kandinsky

Art Is Too Important Not To Share

As Romero Britto said "Art is too important not to share" and in my opinion it just makes the world a better place.

I am so grateful that people are still buying art and really making an effort to support artists at this time. In turn they get to bring something beautiful, inspirational and thought provoking into their homes.

This week I shipped six of my paintings to The Russell Gallery in Co.Clare, Ireland and I am delighted that this opportunity came my way thanks to Stefania Russell. You can view my work here alongside the work of lots of other wonderful artists https://www.russellgallery.net/Martina_Furlong/Martina_Furlong.html

My work is also available at The Gaslamp Gallery, Co.Wexford https://www.thegaslampgallery.com/artists/category/153-martina-furlong

The Kenny Gallery, Galway https://www.thekennygallery.ie/gallery/index.php

Prince & Pilgrim, London https://www.princeandpilgrim.com/artists#/martina-furlong

and an exclusive range of Limited Edition Prints are available on the Fierce Nice website https://www.fiercenice.com/collections/martina-furlong

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