"The Artist Must Train Not Only His Eye But His Soul" Wassily Kandinsky

September 2020 Update - Interview with Fierce Nice

A few months ago the online gallery Fierce Nice invited me to do an interview which turned out to be one of the most interesting interviews I have ever done. The questions really got me thinking and inspired me to look back at my older work and the artists that have influenced me.

Fierce Nice specialise in museum quality prints from contemporary Irish artists. You can view all the fabulous work (including mine) on their website and read my interview here https://www.fiercenice.com/blogs/news/artist-interview-martina-furlong.

Abstract Landscape in yellow pink and blue

'When I Followed The Sweetest Voice' - Limited Edition Prints available exclusively on the Fierce Nice website.

Today was the last day of a course I have been doing with the Local Enterprise Office and the Design and Craft Council of Ireland for creatives in business. The course was called BCDE, Building a Craft and Design Enterprise.

It was recommended to me by my good friend and fellow artist Fiona Concannon (fionaconcannon.com) and I found it to be every bit as helpful and informative as she said. If you are an artist/crafter/designer and feel that you need some help with the business side of things you should contact your local LEO to find out if they run this course. 

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